sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

Personalized Tour Services in Salvador da Bahia

My name is Fernando Bingre. I would like to welcome you to my city - Salvador (Bahia). In this web page I want to tell you all about this beautiful, historic, fascinating, dynamic city, and introduce you to a most warm, joyous, hospitable people - we Bahians. In Brazil we call Bahia the land of happiness, where life is relaxed, tranquil, comfortable, beautiful, and exciting! Come check it out for yourself!

Let us begin by introducing myself. I am a native Baiano born in Salvador and multi-culturally educated (I've lived and studied in England, Sweden and Germany and visited many other countries and cultures). I've studied tourism at the university and in addition languages, such as: English, Spanish, Italian, French and some German, Portuguese in my mothertongue. So, If you're coming to Salvador and would like to hire a special native personal tour guide and travel agent, you've come to the right person. I know the city and its history, culture, people, places like the back of my hand. I also guide excursion tours to beautiful natural areas all around the State of Bahia. In addition, as a gay Baiano I can offer gay and lesbian tourists the very best experience in this magical land. Everyone is welcome, whatever your sexual orientation. So just get in touch with me by email: or by phone (55 71) 8861-6381. For furher information you can check out my website:
I will do my best to make sure you have a wonderful time here in the Land of Happiness that is Salvador da Bahia.